Industry Facts

Facts Of The Sugar Industry In Vietnam

  • Sugar output in Vietnam had reached 1.53 million tonnes in the 2012-13 crop. With 178,000 tonnes in stock since the beginning crop and 70,000 tonnes imported under Viet Nam's World Trade Organisation commitments, the country has a total supply of 1.78 million tonnes.
  • Bien Hoa (A major sugar producer in Vietnam) invested about 100 billion dong ($4.8 million) in its plant in TayNinh province to boost its capacity to 4,000 tons of sugar cane a day in the 2011-2012 crop year, from 3,500 tons previously. It will invest 60 billion dong in 2013 to increase its capacity to 4,500 tons a day and upgrade equipment to produce refined sugar from the next cane crop.
  • KCP Ltd is implementing an $80 million expansion of its sugar mills in Vietnam through its subsidiary KCP Vietnam Industries Ltd. The expansion will more than double the capacity at both its sugar mills in the districts of Son Hoa, where it has sugarcane crushing capacity of 4,500 tonnes a day, and Dong Xuan mill of 1,000 tonnes. V.L. Dutt, Chairman and Managing Director, said the larger mill at Son Hoa is being stabilised at an average sugarcane crushing capacity of about 6,000 tonnes a day and over the next couple of seasons will be expanded to 8,000 tonnes and then 10,000 tonnes. Some of the common infrastructure such as boilers will be installed to handle the targeted expansion. Plans also include establishment of a 60-kilolitre a day distillery.
  • Lam Son Sugar Joint Stock Corporation, or Lasuco, is the leading sugar producer in Vietnam, and is also one of the leaders in that country's slow shift toward a market-driven economy. Lasuco operates two sugar refineries, with a total capacity of nearly 6,500 tons per day, or 100,000 tons per year. In addition to its two sugar refineries, Lasuco operates two alcohol production facilities, the first manufacturing 1.5 million liters of molasses-based alcohol per year, and the second with a capacity of 25 million liters per year for the export market.

Opportunities In The Vietnam Sugar Industry:

  • Vietnam Sugar Companies Looking For Upgrades of Machinery and tractors.
  • Vietnam Sugar Farmers on the look-out for latest harvesting tools and equipment. Including the latest planting methods,fertilizers and planting solutions.
  • Vietnam Sugar Mills Looking for parts and technology upgrades.
  • Vietnam Sugar Refineries looking for upgrades and maintenance solutions.
  • Vietnam Sugar companies exploring Biogas and Bioethanol technology potential.
  • Vietnam Sugar companies finding solutions for Wastewater treatment.